Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I made myself do it!

I *really* wanted to sew the Christmas quilt today but I made myself finish off the pinnies I started last week so that I could get them loaded into the tartan bee shop. I then ironed everything, tied them on my dummy or hung them on the door, photographed them, measured them, wrote descriptions and, finally, got them all uploaded this afternoon. Yay! Go me!!

Here's what I listed - these are not the photos I used. These are the uncropped versions. :o)

I'm so glad I made myself do this today. But the next time I get into the sewing room I'll be sewing that Christmas quilt! :o)


  1. Hi Anne... fantastic getting all of this together, ready, loaded and listed! Wonderful! I missed your last post too, so a quick mentioned here.... lucky you to have a head start on Christmas! Cheers~


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