Sunday, 26 July 2020

at last! 💕

I watched a video on youtube which fascinated me - see it here. I had to watch it more than once because it wasn't in English and I found it hard to watch and read subtitles at the same time! Anyway, I made an attempt at the block she made and was pleased with it but it could have been better. Here's the block:

It took me about 3 days to make it trying to decipher what the subtitles meant and also converting from metric measurements to inches. I know I could have just made it metric but I don't have any metric patchwork rulers and it was a fairly easy conversion anyway so I went with inches.

As I was quilting it, it dawned on me it could be made using half-square triangles. That's what us patchworkers call a square that's made up of 2 triangles. So the squared paper came out and a plan was drawn. I am delighted with this version.

The corners of the squares match much better. The red square in the centre matches better. All in all, it is a much neater version!

I made a couple of masks for Douglas using a different pattern.

This one is curved over the nose, not flat like the previous ones I made. Douglas is happy with them so that's all that matters.

Debbie asked me to quilt some Christmas panels for her. It really didn't take long.

She's delighted with them so that's good.

She also asked me to sort some Sindy clothes.

I did NOT enjoy this job. Far too fiddly and finicky and a general pain in the behind! But they're done so that's that! Let's hope she doesn't find any more for me to sort. I did find it interesting that all of these were bought clothes - ie none of them were made by me!

Another job for Debbie - is anybody else seeing a theme here?? - was to make some coasters from leftover fabrics I had previously made tablemats with for her. When I'd made them, there was still some fabric left so I made a couple of bigger mats which could be for a water jug or bunch of flowers or some such thing.

I made myself a new blouse with a new pattern. It's the Gilbert top by Helen's Closet patterns - here.

It fits me beautifully so I'll be using this pattern a lot, methinks!

So, why the "at last" as the title? Well, at last we are allowed to get together as a family. It's wonderful to be able to hug my girls and the wee girlies again. Isla - the baby - was a bit wary of us at first but is already getting used to us. When you think of it, she's spent nearly half her life in lockdown so the only people she knows is her own wee family. A strange thought, eh?

Here's Debbie with both her girlies.

They both loved playing with Auntie Jo but Tilly wasn't so sure why Joanna was lying down so she had to have a sniff to make sure she was okay! Emily and Isla thought that was really funny!

Sunday, 5 July 2020

clothes for dollies

I've made quite a few dolly outfits this week.

4 elasticated skirts - the 2 on the left are made from needlecord, the 2 on the right are cotton:

2 dresses:

A denim skirt and denim shorts:

A sundress:

A kilt: the front - I used an old shoe buckle for the leather "closure". It doesn't really close it - that's done with velcro (as are all the other garments) so that wee fingers can do it themselves. Hopefully!

The back - I did try to do the proper matching of the sets but it wouldn't have fit the dolly if I'd done that so I just went with pleating it. I don't think it looks too bad at all. In fact, I am absolutely chuffed with the way it turned out!

A wee white blouse:

I asked Grace if she'd mind trying the blouse and kilt on and she was delighted to do so. She now wants me to make her a kilt as well! Please note, the safety pin has been squeezed tightly shut with pliers so there's no way wee girlies will be able to get that open!


And finally 3 pinnies:

I had a lot of fun making these and am so pleased with everything I made - especially the kilt! C'mon the Scots! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😀

Thursday, 25 June 2020

lots of different projects

I've been busy making lots of different projects recently. First of all, I made a rag dolly for Isla. She doesn't have a name yet - I'm leaving that to Debbie to do.

I had made the same dolly for Emily back in January, 2019. Her name is Sally.

When I made Sally, I promised myself I would never make another one - the pattern was very finicky and I can't say I enjoyed making it. Needless to say, I *had* to make one for Isla. Thankfully, it was much easier to make this time around as I'd written down a few changes to the pattern last time and it was much easier and enjoyable to sew!

Next it was back to the crate of Debbie's bits and bobs. I made up this quilt from a panel. It must be the quickest quilt I've ever made!!

Showing the fabric on the back.

I stayed with Debbie's crate and made up a couple of Christmas tablerunners. These were bits that had been left over from other projects so it was just a case of working with what I had. I'm really chuffed with how they both turned out.

The front:

And the back:

The front:

And the back:

Next it was some pinnies for Emily. One like this:

And 2 of each of these fabrics:

Next I decided to make a few embroideries. These two are now on my kitchen wall.

These 2 will be heading to Joanna's house when it's allowed.

Lastly, today I made a wee tutu for Emily. More of a wee net skirt, really. I'm a bit worried that there's not much of a swirl to it. I have more of the fabric so I can easily make another one for her if it's not swirly enough!

My next plan is to go through the box of bits for dolly's clothes. It's overflowing as it's been a while since I dived in there. I'm looking forward to playing!

Stay safe!

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Big Wow and 2 Wee Wows!

I finished the lion for Debbie - or rather for Emily and Isla. Let me take you through the process.

First of all I cut out all the pieces.

Then I sewed the body up as for as I could.

I needed to wait for the stuffing I'd ordered (from Dunelm Mill) to come before I could do more with the body so I made up all the rest of the bits. The tail:

The mane and the ears:

And the bits for the face:

Then I got this wild idea. As I had fur fabric leftover, why not make a mini version? In fact, why not make 2 mini versions? Honestly. I do have to wonder about my sanity sometimes!!

Anyway, I printed out the pattern at 200%. The big lion was printed out at 599% so 200% was going to work out at about a third of the full size so it would finish at about 11" long. Perfect for a wee cuddly lion! So, I cut out the pieces:

Sewed the bodies up to the ready-for-stuffing stage:

Made the tails, manes and ears:

I had enough stuffing to stuff them so I did that and then sewed on the manes and tails.

Then I sewed on their faces and ears and here they are.

OMG Aren't they just fab?

The stuffing arrived for the big lion the next day - perfect timing! - so I got him stuffed.

And here he is with all his other bits attached.

I am sooooooo pleased with him. He really is gorgeous!

As we wait to be allowed to go and visit family, the lions are all lying about in the living room. I smile every single time I look at them!

Now, you might be wondering what the title of this post is about. Well, Emily has a lion hand puppet which she calls "Wow". When Debbie and Joanna and I were discussing what the name of the big lion could be, Debbie said it had to be "Big Wow". Perfect! Then, when I made to 2 mini versions, Joanna said that they just had to be called "Wee Wows". Hilarious!