Monday, 7 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 1

Here are my 4 photos for this week.

1. My wardrobe.

Douglas and I moved the 2 shelves and the hanging rail up by about 9" and that made it possible for me to get my shoe crates in there instead of under the bed. I much prefer having my shoes on hand (or, should that be, "on foot"?? :oD) and in the wardrobe as they're much easier for me to get at them like this. (I don't know why that pair of shoes in the right crate are sitting up like that. How strange!)

2. The coloured pencils with my name on them that I got for my Christmas. I showed the ordinary pencils last week, these coloured pencils make me just as happy!

3. My cooker. I got this last March and I just love it. I'd always fancied having a big cooker with 2 decent sized ovens and more than 4 burners and now I have it. Fabulous!

4. The logo for the Atomic Browser.

I use an iPad and I absolutely hate the ads on the Safari browser on said iPad. I use Firefox on my big computer and it has Adblock on it. Even the Safari on my computer has an ad blocker on it so, when I realised I had no options to get rid of ads on the iPad, I was not chuffed.

Move along to a few weeks ago and suddenly all the Blogger blogs that I read on my iPad started to look awful. The top headers were all out of focus and the posts just didn't look right. I investigated this and found that, for some reason, Blogger blogs were seeing my iPad Safari as a mobile browser and so was giving me the mobile version - ie a phone version of the blogs. Oh I could scroll down each time I read a Blogger blog and choose to view the web version but what a pain!!

More googling ensued and I found lots of mentions of the Atomic browser I could use on my iPad which not only has a setting to make the blogs (and other websites) show the web version instead of the mobile version but it also has an ad blocker. I tell you, I was at the App Store spending my 69p to get that browser as fast as I could hit the buttons. So now I'm a happy iPad surfer. No ads, and blogs look great again. So, the Atomic Browser has definitely made me happy this week! :o)


  1. What great happy things! I'm drooling over your cooker and those colored pencils with your name, you luck girl!

    And congrats on finding a good browser for your iPad, you big spender you!


  2. I love your collection of happy things! I love our big cooker, especially the option of a small oven when we only want to heat a pie or quiche, or even bake a cake! Well done on finding the app - it is so annoying when there are problems reading/commenting on blogs - I had a spell when I had to jump through hoops to leave comments on Blogger blogs.
    Love the posh pencils - if I wasn't committed to not buying things, I would be tempted!!

  3. Ah, tidy shoes make me happy too! Thanks for the tip about the browser, going to look into that as I've got the same issues with Safari & my iPad.
    Happy Wednesday

  4. I love your cooker. I've got a hob with five burners, that extra one comes in very useful. I've just had my new double oven fitted and used it for the first time last night, it seems to cook slower than my old one, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

  5. Very nice and happy. I'm happy that you've got the Atomic Browser, too! ;)

  6. Double oven heaven! And I'm glad you sorted out an ad free browser too!

  7. Is your cooker top built into the oven part or a separate piece?

    When we moved we made sure to look at the kitchen set up, I wanted my microwave and oven to be up high in the cabinet. I'm so happy with my new built in oven. Not as big as my old one though. I also debated those 5 burner things. Not that I ever have 5 things at once going but I find the European cook tops smaller and the pans hit each other. The 5 burners have more space.


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