Tuesday, 22 January 2013

52 weeks of happy - week 3

My 4 photos for this week are:

1. A moment of peace when both dogs are having some quiet time!

2. The other part of my happy shelf where some of my salts and peppers collection sit.

3. I saw this cast iron casserole dish in Sainsbury's last week at half its normal price and was very tempted to buy it but I didn't! I looked at it again on Sunday and was again very tempted to buy it but I didn't. I saw it again today and knew that I'd be *really* annoyed at myself if I didn't buy it so I did! That's my Christmas money well and truly spent now!

4. I have this app on my iPad and I think it's totally brilliant. You can choose from a vast number of quilt blocks, choose your size and how many blocks you want to make and it tells you how much fabric you need and how to cut the fabric. Totally brilliant!


  1. I love the casserole dish . If I'd have waited and gone back it wouldn't have been there. I'm terrible for procrastinating and then miss a bargain.
    Ali x

  2. A goood collection of happiness. Love the casserole dish!

  3. The casserole dish is very similar to Le Creuset which I've got a few pieces of. I've got a casserole dish in it, but not cast iron. Great bargain getting it half price. I always love seeing doggy pictures.

  4. Ooh, going to have to pop to Sainsburys (when I eventually get out again!) - lovely casserole dish. And great happy pics. The pups look so happy on the sofa :-)


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