Monday, 21 January 2013

chaos reigns!

I haven't posted for a while because chaos reigns in our household. I apologise to anyone whose blog I read and didn't comment on but I know you all know that life just gets in the way sometimes and this is how it's been for me this last week ... and it will be like this for a while to come I suspect.

I showed the photos of the washing that was waiting to be done last time and, well, let's just say that wasn't even the tip of the washing iceberg that came over with Debbie from Canada. Nothing is dirty as such but it's all a wee bit smelly from being in the container so it really does need freshened up. There's still loads to do!

Here's the utitily room. The big box is also full of washing waiting to be done ...

... and in the hall waiting to be sorted ...

There are boxes everywhere. Outside the back door ...

... outside the garage door ...

... at the top of the stairs ...

I thought I might go and hide in my sewing room for a while but that was a bit of a non-starter!

In fairness, I took these photos on Saturday so things are a wee bit different today ... but not much. The washing is still ongoing - 5 loads done today and now it's the turn of the tumble drier to do its bit. If only it was summer and I could get it hung on the line to dry. Oh well, it's not so I just have to keep at it. If you don't see me around, I'll be the one buried under the piles and piles of washing!


  1. Messy. Well as long as its all done and folded when i arrive.

  2. Oh dear - hang in there, this too shall pass! When we unpacked our container which had come over the high seas from South Africa, it took us at least 2 weeks to get everything sorted. But you will get there, and before you know it, you'll be back in your sewing room and making things to your heart's content. Good luck and happy Monday,

  3. That reminds me of when we came back from Indonesia - the double garage was completely full of boxes for weeks!

  4. Blooming washing! What a lot of work. Well done for getting as much done..... and I hope your sewing room is freed up again soon!


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