Sunday, 6 January 2013

3 things

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I know myself well enough to know I'd probably have given up on them before the end of January - if I got that far. This year, though, I really want to challenge myself to do just 3 things.

Thing 1 - do not buy magazines.

No matter what the "free" gift is on the outside! They are, in my humble opinion, a *real* waste of money. I just went through a pile of old magazines last week and pulled out the articles I wanted to keep. I went through 8 magazines and kept 4 things - a recipe, 2 bag patterns and a tutorial for how to make a footstool. 4 things out of 8 magazines? That's ridiculous! And, I added up what those 8 magazines had cost - nearly £40. That's even more ridiculous. No more!

Thing 2 - use what I have.

I'm going to try really hard not to buy things like fabric, yarn and haberdashery unless I really need them. And, let's face it, with the stash of all of those things that I already have, I don't think I'll "really need" anything for a good wee while. This is how the fabric stash looked last February. It's a wee bit more full now than it was then! *blush*

Having said that, if there's some fabric in the remnant box that I know I can make into something and sell (for a good profit), I'll probably buy it but I won't buy things on impulse. Or I'll try.

Thing 3 - I'm going to do the "52 weeks of happy" thing.

I've seen this on a few blogs recently but the original idea was posted here. Basically, every week, you post 4 photos of things that have made you happy in the last 7 days. I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up with.

Somehow I think the last one will be the easiest one to do but then, it's not a challenge if it's not challenging, eh? Wish me luck! :o)


  1. The 52 weeks of happy idea is lovely.

  2. Magazines are a waste of money... Part of thereason I'm keen to get back in the blogging habit is to replace them. With hints and patterns along with masses of inspiration, they are a friendly and frugal source of pleasure!
    52 weeks of happy is a cracking idea. Looking forward to that! And thanks for the brownie link. The Princess will be baking tomorrow!

    1. You're so right, Angel Jem. Blogs are just like magazines - inspirational but without having to spend money on them!

      I hope Princess enjoys making the brownies. :o)

  3. I like your challenges, Anne... very do-able! Looking forward to seeing your "happy" photos...


  4. I agree with you about magazines, but my latest post is about one I've just bought, oh dear. I actually did really well last year, I must have saved myself quite a bit of money.

  5. I'm doing well not buying magazines (although I do have subscriptions to two!). But I have a pile on the floor beside the couch that I still haven't finished reading, although they must have been there for a month, and I have dozens in the studio, will all sorts of things that I say I'm going to make! I'm going to try hard to have a year of "using it up", and only buy fabric if I need it to finish a quilt. Maybe we can keep each other on the straight and narrow!!

  6. I have to confess to being a bit of a magazine addict, but am also trying to cut down a bit this year. You are so right though as I devour them, pull out a couple of things (maybe) and then pop them in the recycling bin. Money in the bin!
    Thanks for the link to the original 52 weeks of happy post - I too have seen it around and about, and think I'm going to join in this year too.
    Have a happy week,

  7. Wow - how tidy does your fabric pile look!?! I might try the 52 things, too. That's a nice idea.


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