Tuesday, 1 January 2013

books read in 2012

This is just a summary post for my own benefit as I'll be taking down the "read in 2012" page today and starting a new 2013 page.

I got a Kindle for my Christmas in 2011 which explains a lot of these "books". The vast majority of them were free for the Kindle. Also, an awful lot of them were very short - more stories than books really - so I'm not going to kid myself that I read this many books!


  1. Wow... books or not, that's a lot of stuff read! Keep up the good work!


  2. Wow from me too.... I love books, and I love to read, but sadly, I never seem to have the time to just sit and read... I have remedied that with the use of audiobooks, and I am so glad I did... I love to listen to someone reading me a book, especially if they are good at narrating... I have read all of the Outlander series (Diane Gabaldon) minus book 7, but I have now also listened to all of them on audio, including book 7, and I am so happy... the narrator is phenomenal by doing all the different voices of all the characters, men, women, children, all different nationalities, and sometimes even languages... I still buy books because I can't help myself, and I don't mind having read one and then listening to it again on audio, it seems like a completely different story... this way I multitask and embroider, garden, sew, clean, whatever and "read" at the same time... I love it... looking forward to seeing what you read in 2013, looks like you like romance types?? Cheers!


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blethers. I really appreciate it. I do try to reply to everyone but sometimes life just gets in the way of that happening! :o)