Wednesday, 6 May 2009

yellow bag with funky lining

I've been doing some more sewing today. This is a bag that I made out of a yellow placemat. It was a wee bit boring - if bright yellow can ever be called boring! - so I lined it with some funky material I had lying about.

Don't ask about the fabrics I have lying about! Let's just say I don't think I'll ever run out of fabric! *blush*

Anyway, here's the bag.


  1. You have so much talent, Anne! Photoshop AND making purses? I love this one. So much fun!

  2. Very nice! Do I get to have this one too? ;)

  3. oooooooh sooooo pretty!!! (You wouldn't "happen" to have access to the traditional Burberry plaid material would you?)- I bet "someone" would pay good money for a diaper bag (larger shoulder bag size) out of that. Just an idea :D

  4. LOL Angela. No, I don't have access to any Burberry check! Sorry! :oD

  5. Anne, do you have an etsy account? If not you could totally make some $$$ on there!

  6. Ah, but then it would become something I *had* to do and I'd rather do it for fun. KWIM?

    Actually, translated, that just means I'm too lazy to do it! :oD


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