Monday, 11 May 2009

a few shinies of my own

I was going to steal Jo's idea and do some shiny, happy things of my own but then I decided just to post some photos that make me happy/smile/giggle.

They're not a definitive list by any means and I know that if I look through the DSC things on my computer, I could find tons more to post but these will do for now.

Fred bear - I've had him forever!!

pencil fence - don't you just want one? I do!

Rosie in snow - she didn't like it at all.

Lizzy's cake - very cool

choc chip cookies - yummmmm

livingstone daisies - don't you just love daisies?

advent calendars - they've got legs!

Misty - our first dog

Pepper - our second dog

sunrise - 19 Nov 08

sunset - 19 Nov 08

tidy sewing room - I don't think it's been this tidy since!!

1 comment:

  1. Cool - how fab! I really like them all but the pic of the advent calendars is so compelling for some reason!

    Rosie in the snow made me LOL!

    J x


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