Friday, 1 May 2009

see what I made!

I spent a lot of yesterday sewing. I LOVED it! The pattern planning, cutting out, pinning, sewing, clipping seams, pressing seams and so on. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sewing used to be an almost all-the-time thing for me. If I wasn't reading I was sewing. Computers have a lot to answer for! However, I found the pattern for this bag online so I suppose that's something good about them.

And I have made some fantastic friends online from all over the world so computers aren't such a bad thing really. I just need to manage my time better so I can compute AND sew! So, yes, ignore that remark about computers having a lot to answer for! :oD

Anyway, see what I made yesterday!

I changed the pattern I found online as I didn't like the way it looked - there would have been a seam right down the middle of the main part of the bag and, with the fabric I was using, that would have looked ridiculous!

I'm treating this one as a prototype and will change the pattern some more. The handles, for example are way too wide and I think some padding is called for - the bag is way too floppy. But that's the fun of making things - change things around a wee bit and you make it unique!

Oh, and for any of my computer friends reading this - please note the books in the bookcase - Photoshop rules! LOL


  1. Great job! I love the pattern on the material, so cute!

  2. I love it! Great choice on the fabric, it looks very chic. And yes, Photoshop does rule, hehe!

  3. I'm a computer friend (I hope) but I can't tell what's up with the books- are they PS books or are the titles gone?

    That bag is soooooo cute Anne!

  4. Love the bag Anne, great work!

    I have bad eyes and can't see the books either lol.


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