Tuesday, 19 May 2009

a 48 hour day!!

Whoever said a day lasted 24 hours lied! I can make them last 48 hours! :oD

At bedtime last night, Douglas said I only had 5 minutes of my birthday left but I pointed out that I was thinking I would just move mentally to Hawaii - or wherever is 12 hours behind us - and have another 12 hours of birthday.

On checking this morning, it's somewhere called Eniwetok that's 12 hours behind us. Apologies to the people who live there but I've never heard of Eniwetok! Still, I was with you mentally having another 12 hours worth of birthday!

And then I got to thinking that if I'd been in New Zealand for the 12 hours before the UK hit my birthday, I could have a birthday that lasted 48 hours. 12 hours in NZ, 24 hours in the UK, 12 hours in Eniwetok! Sounds like a plan to me!

The converse must also be true. You know - if you don't want a day to happen you could spend the first 12 hours of it in Eniwetok where it hasn't happened yet and the last 12 hours of it in New Zealand where it's already over. (And, New Zealand can't be that far from Eniwetok as they're just over the International Dateline from each other!) So you can have a day with 0 hours in it too!

Yep - days can last anything from 0 hours to 48 hours - none of this "a day is 24 hours long" nonsense!

Is it kind of sad that the logic of all that sounds reasonable to me! :oD


  1. Also worrying is the fact that as I read, I was nodding along sagely thinking "too true"!!


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