Wednesday, 13 May 2009

the results are in

I was at the hospital for my long-awaited appointment with the Rheumatology department this morning.

After much prodding, poking, X-raying, blood-drawing, weighing, heighting (!!) and so on, the diagnosis is psoriatic arthritis. It's not curable but it is controllable which is fine by me.

I am being put on pills which will reduce the inflammation around my joints and will hopefully help get me moving again. That will be so good! I've also to get steroid injections every 6 weeks to help get things going. I got my first one today - in my posterior! It didn't hurt a bit - maybe because there's a LOT of padding back there! LOL

So, there we have it. Psoriatic arthritis. I'm so glad to have a name for it. It's silly but it's like the doctor has said to me "Yes, Anne, there IS something wrong with you. You haven't been making it up!"

Oh, and, let me tell you this. I knew the doc would ask how this all started so yesterday I sat down and wrote it all down in a sort of timeline thing. And the best way to fill in the dates and what was specifically wrong with me on those dates was to go back and read my own blog. I *knew* blethering in a blog was a good idea! :o)


  1. You just wanted to be like me with the drugs and the steroids and the inflammation etc! Glad it's got a name though (sorry-attic!) :)

  2. I've been thinking - weight = weighing so height = heighing. That's all!


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