Monday, 18 May 2009

happy birthday to me!!!

Calling Douglas an old man has had to stop for another 9 months as I caught up with him today. Yep - it's my birthday! Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!

And, because I stole Deb's drawing of Jo on her birthday, I stole the one she drew for me too! I love it. Just one thing - I have no hands???


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have/had a fantabulous day!! ;o)

  2. You do have hands - they are the same as everyone elses!! Teehee! Oh dearie me!
    Happy Birthday mumsi! mwa mwa!

  3. I can see hands!!! Hope you had a lovely day, mumsi! Mwa. J xx

  4. I see them now! I didn't see them yesterday on here but saw them on Dad's computer!

    I have hands! Yay!!! :oD


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