Wednesday, 19 December 2012

the silliness of me!

I did have to re-boil the jam I made on Monday as it was most definitely not set - by any stretch of the imagination. It was so runny it was almost comical. So, after a re-boil, this is how it looks now ...

Now that's definitely NOT runny! It does spread nicely though and tastes delicious so it's all good!

I spent yesterday making a pattern for a black skirt for my mum's Christmas. She'd given me one of her favourite skirts to copy so I used that as the basis of the pattern.

I'm really happy with the way it's turned out so I hope it fits her and that she likes it! We'll find out soon enough, I suppose!

Now to the silliness of me. I decided that, since I'd finished all the sewing for presents that I was going to do, that I'd make myself a pair of Christmassy oven gloves. I went through my pile of fabrics and cut out one that I liked.

Did I stop there? Of course not! Before I knew what had happened, I'd cut out 3 pairs of double gloves AND 3 round gloves! Honestly! What am I like? LOL

Anyway, I set to sewing the round ones together and, not content with just having them plain, I decided to quilt them first. Like I said already - what am I like?? *eyeroll*

I made good use of stuff I already had in my drawer - I couldn't begin to guess how long I've had that bias binding. I'm absolutely certain I flitted it down here from Inverness in 2000 - and it wouldn't have been new then!!

The Merry Christmas ribbon -

- was on an early present we got from one of our neighbours yesterday. She'd made us some sweeties (candies) and had told us to open them right away and eat them. She's going to Tenerife tomorrow for Christmas so she had to make her gifts early. I'm glad she did as it meant I got to use her ribbon on my new oven gloves. There's still enough left for the 3 double gloves that I'll hopefully make tomorrow. I wonder if that's all I'll make or if I decide I need more? :oD


  1. You always need more oven gloves. Especially Christmas ones and especially when they're that pretty!! :)

  2. Yup... you're a crazy woman! And one lives here at my house as well! *lol* Love those round oven gloves... very cool! Lovely fabrics too.. I especially like the Christmas robins...

  3. I love those Christmas gloves....will any be hitting the sell page? I didn't know you could reboil jam.

  4. Well - you had more fun doing that than I had today, giving the house a final thorough clean for Christmas!!


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