Friday, 21 December 2012

sewing on the shortest day

Well, it's the shortest day today and I would like to let out a huge cheer for the fact that the days will now start getting longer again. I do miss the long, long hours of daylight that we get in the summertime. Here's the graphic for today:

And the figures for the shortest day:

dawn to dusk = 8 hours and 31 minutes (no change since Monday)

sunrise to sunset = 6 hours and 57 minutes (5 minutes less than Monday)

And here's what the sunlit earth widget looks like on the winter solstice.

As for the sewing that I did today. Well, I was meant to be making those 3 pairs of double oven gloves which, theoretically should have been finished this morning. But they weren't. Why? Because I decided that, rather than doing them the easy/fast way, I'd make my own bias binding ... (this is really a Christmas red colour)

... and do them the long way using that bias binding. So, instead of 3 pairs of oven gloves, I only got one pair made.

I might just get the other 2 pairs made over the weekend but it really doesn't matter as they're all for me. Yep, nobody but me! Yay!! :o)


  1. I'm on my phone and I have no idea what happened just there on the first comment! Sorry about that! Your sewing is beautiful, I always enjoy your blogs. And I seriously didn't realize our days were THAT short! Ahhhh soon it will be Spring :)!

  2. Love the oven gloves.

    I quite enjoy the short days. It's a great excuse to snuggle up and be all cosy!

    J x

  3. I love that fabric!! I am so glad we have had the shortest day - I am looking forward to lighter nights ......and it would be nice to have some bright frosty day, instead of the grey dreary days we are having at the moment!

  4. What? You are not sharing those oven mits? What about the round ones you did the other day, where did they go?

    I'm glad the shortest day is been and gone too. I hate the short days, but I guess we don't get them as short us you. But we also don't get super long days in the summer either.


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