Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Let's see if I can think of 12 things to tell you about myself today. They're not in any particular order. :o)

1. I love to read Nora Roberts' books. I've just started reading "Born in Shame" - again. I've re-read all of the Nora books I have on my bookshelves *loads* of times and will continue to do this until they fall apart ... and then I'll just buy new copies so I can start all over again!

2. I love to sew. I've been sewing for a really, really long time. I got my Toymaker badge at Brownies (nearly 50 years ago) and I made a teddy bear. I've still got him! Here he is on the right of this photo.

3. I love to crochet.

4. I love sweet peas. The smell is glorious.

5. I love to bake.

6. I (sort of) collect salt and pepper sets. I don't go out of my way to buy them but, if I see a set I like I might buy them - as long as they don't cost very much!

7. I love Rosie - our dog ...

and Molly - Debbie and Jason's dog.

8. I have an irreverent sense of humour. On a trip to Paris in 2008, I laughed out loud at these statues. It looked to me like they were inspecting their - em - wares and weren't too impressed. I called the photo "size matters". tee hee

9. I used to make signatures on an online forum but, after making for nearly 7 years, I decided to stop. I do still like to mess about in Photoshop now and again just to keep my hand in.

10. I love to buy fabric. And put it into piles. And look at it. And touch it. And, sometimes, I might even sew with it! :oD

11. I should exercise more but I worry that this might happen to me. I reckon it's better to be safe than sorry! :oD

12. I love Michael Bublé and Joanna recently showed me this video. If you haven't heard this before, you need to watch it. A-MA-ZING!

Okay, that's my 12 for 12.12.12. I hope you found it a wee bit interesting! :o)


  1. I laughed my butt off over the X Factor comment and how Michael said he'd lose his job because Sam was coming. rofl

    I must say your brownies look yummy. I'm never able to get that nice shiny top on mine, unless of course it's a Betty Crocker Box mix.

  2. I loved this post, it's got a bit of everything. I laughed at 'size matters' and the treadmill. I aaaah'd at Rosie and Molly and drooled over the Brownies. The Michael Buble clip is brilliant.

  3. Excellent video! Made me smile so hard! Love the 12 things about you! I'm supposed to be listing 8 things you don't know about me (or 11 or something)... had to do with an award, but... maybe I'll get around to it! Cheers!

  4. It's lovely reading about you... Your dogs are gorgeous, my mom collects salt and pepper shakers... and... well, you have a wonderful blog!

  5. I had a good laugh at the "size matters" ..... that sort of thing appeals to me too!


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