Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wimbledon is over, vive le tour!

Well, all my cheering for Andy (Roddick) was in vain. Roger Federer beat him in the men's singles final. Mind you, it was in 5 sets and the 5th set score was 16-14. Wow! Great score!

So what do I watch now? Never fear! The Tour de France has started. It actually started yesterday but I was still in Wimbledon mode so I won't start watching it until tomorrow.

I wonder who I'll cheer for? Actually, it would probably be best for me *not* to cheer for anyone in particular as my Wimbledon choices didn't seem to do too well with me cheering them on! :oD

Vive le tour! :o)

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  1. Is Mark what'isname gonna be there? Cavendish - that's it! You could cheer for him because he's never going to win but he might do well in the stages!


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