Thursday, 9 July 2009

mum's thumb

When my mum was getting out of my car at the supermarket this morning, she shut the car door on her thumb. I won't go into details of how it looked - let's just say it wasn't pretty! (Understatement of the year!)

We went to the pharmacy in the store and they called for a first aider. 4 arrived and the general agreement was that she needed to go to the A&E (Accident & Emergency) or to the treatment nurses at her own doctor to get it stitched.

So off we went to her doctor's but there were no appointments available until 12.45pm - no way were we waiting 3½ hours - so off we went to A&E. She was taken fairly quickly and got it all cleaned up, x-rayed (not broken), 3 silicone stitches were put on it, various fancy dressings and then a h-u-g-e bandage. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb!!

Then, when we came out, she insisted that we was okay so it was back to Asda's for her groceries! 2 hours later than we should have been but at least she was okay.


  1. Poor Granny!
    I hope she's ok!
    Lots of love xx

  2. YEOW! When I was a kid I did that with two of my fingers. It was not a fun experience.

    What is A&E? I assume it's like the emergency room but what does it actually stand for?

  3. Accident and Emergency. :o)

  4. awww I never would have guessed that ;)


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