Monday, 20 July 2009

Rosie's biscuits and a couple more bumbags

Joanna made some doggy biscuits for Rosie this weekend. Here are a few photos showing her excitement - Rosie's! :oD

Looking at them in the oven:

I'm sure I could get closer:

They've cooled down now, Rosie. Would you like one?

I think I'll have this one:

And I made a couple more bumbags. I'm thinking of taking a table at a charity event in November so these might just go on that table.


  1. I hope Rosie liked her looks like her tail was really wagging!

  2. That's so cute!!

    I love the blue flower bum bag - I think they might have been an old pair of my jeans?? ;o)


  3. Hopefully people will be looking at the dog and the biscuits and ignoring me looking quite ridiculous!

    And yes, I think the bags are gorgeous! :)

  4. And did Rosie enjoy all her treats? BTW I love the last bag, so cute!!!

  5. Rosie LOVES those bisuits!

    And thanks! :o)


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