Wednesday, 1 July 2009

don't talk!!

I was at the pool this morning and there were a lot of talking weebles there. Stop talking! This is a *swimming* pool - not a talking pool.

The worst offenders - and this isn't in the least a sexist remark - are the men. I actually think that their wives chuck them out of the house so they - the wives - can get an hour or so of peace. Talk, talk, talk all the time.

And another thing - who goes to the pool and then sits on the side? On sunbeds? This is an indoor pool - no sun to be seen - so why the sunbeds are there at all is a mystery to me but for 2 men - whom I nicknamed Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - to sit/lie on them for most of the time I was in the pool and talk? Weird, I tell you!

And then there was the woman who seemed to talk to everyone there - except me! I managed to avoid her! But I heard her asking one young woman why she hadn't been at aqua aerobics last Thursday. I didn't hear the answer but I'm sure it wasn't what I was thinking in my head - "none of your business, nosey parker!"

So, be warned, if you ever turn up at my swimming pool and start talking to me, I might just tell you to take a run and jump … except I won't because I'm too nice to say it. I'll be thinking it though! :oP


  1. I know what you mean - I asked this lady if she was coming to the jacuzzi and she flipped me off and then dunked me under the water. But I forgive you, mummy!! ;) (Those men are seriously weird though!)

  2. I was too far away from you to dunk you - but I might next time! :oP


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