Monday, 6 July 2009

no more physio needed!

The physio was *really* pleased with me today. In fact, she was so pleased, I don't need to go and see her again. Unless things start to go badly wrong which they won't. I won't allow it!!

The swimming has done me the world of good and has exercised my shoulders and wrists perfectly. My back and knees have also benefited wonderfully!

Every time she asked me to show her me lifting my arms up above my head or moving my arms behind me I did it perfectly! Go me!


  1. Well done! Plus, she gave you those scarves to do magic with!

  2. LOL They're rubber bands to tie to door handles or the bannister! Silly!

  3. ?? I'm confused!
    But yippee, that's great news!
    Go you!


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