Tuesday, 16 June 2009

it's taking me ages!!

I am steadily working my way through our holiday photos and hopefully will have something to show soon. It seems to be taking forever but Photoshop is doing most of the work - well, I still had to choose the photos. A big job in itself!

I'm leaving the making-the-photos-the-right-size and editing them to Photoshop. I made an action to do it because I'm lazy! For those of you who don't use PS - it's like a button I click and PS does the work for me!

It's still taking forever but I keep thinking how long it would take me if I had to do it all myself! I'd probably stop after day one! LOL

I'm up to day four now - only 4 more days to do. You never know I might get it finished today - but don't hold your breath! I am lazy after all! :oD

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