Friday, 5 June 2009

all our bags are packed …

Well, we're all packed and ready to go. Ireland here we come! Yay!!

I looked at the weather forecast for Cork and it's sunny with showers for the next 3 days - just like home! Highest temperature expected is 16ºC, lowest 6ºC - just like home!

We made the most of our toast and coffee this morning as it'll be our last uncooked breakfast for a week. We'll be getting a full Irish breakfast - NOT like home! :oD

I stood on the scales this morning to see how much I put on/take off whilst we're away. I lost half a stone - 7lbs - whilst we were in Paris last year. I'd be delirious if that happened again!

Okay, so this is Anne signing off until we get back. Be good! :o)

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  1. Rosie and I are having a rave while you guys are away!! Have a lovely time. J & R x


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