Wednesday, 3 June 2009

going to Ireland!

Douglas and I are heading to Ireland on Friday for a week. Southern Ireland to be exact. We're flying into Cork and then we're hiring a car so we can tour around a bit. We're staying in one B&B for the whole week but we have great plans to see as much of the countryside as we can. I can't wait!

We - actually, that's not true - Douglas decided we're not taking the computer. My poor wee blog will be quiet for a week! But never fear! I'll take tons of photos and bombard you with them when I get back.


  1. I hope you'll have some Jameson Irish Whiskey for me! ;O)

  2. I might force myself to do that! :oD

  3. Have fun, 'rentals! Rosie and I will have mucho fun here too! Yay!

    Jameson's is gooood! Debs and I went to the factory and gr. granpa worked there!


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