Monday, 22 June 2009

I don't walk properly!

I was at the podiatrist this morning. Guess what I learned - I don't walk properly! Funny - I've been doing it for a really long time and haven't had any problems! :oD

Apparently most humans don't walk properly but don't realise it because they never have cause to go to a podiatrist! I bet all those humans are doing just fine not knowing they're not walking properly!

Anyway, I've got some insoles to put into my shoes to help me walk properly again. They might cause leg and back pain but I've to put up with it as much as possible. If it gets really bad, though, I've to stop using them.

The bad thing is, I can only use them inside shoes that have backs on them ie not in sandals. I don't wear many shoes with backs in the summertime! In fact, unless it's pouring rain, I doubt I'd wear them at all.

But I'll just have to find some I can wear because I've to go back in August and she'll expect me to be used to the insoles by then. And maybe walking properly!

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  1. Unfortunately, in my brain, you are walking incorrectly by undertaking one of the walks from the ministry of silly walks! :)


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