Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ireland - photos at last!

Okay, I narrowed the photos down to 78! I hope the page doesn't take too long to load! Here we go.

The Catholic church in Fermoy

The bridge in Fermoy - over the Blackwater River

The Church of Ireland church in Fermoy

3 very scary sculptures outside the church of Ireland in Fermoy. I have no idea why the 2 on the outside have no faces - very creepy!!

The next few are views of the countryside as we headed through the Gap of Dunloe.

The sheep made us laugh! We followed them for about half a mile before they turned into the farmyard. They obviously couldn't read the sign on the gate which said "no entry"! :oD

These next ones are of Muckross House. There are several old farms set up to show how the farmers lived and worked.

Anyone who has read any of Nora Roberts books will know that she often talks about the fuchsia hedges in Ireland. I never really believed her until I saw this one. And there were lots more throughout the countryside!

The weir at Cahir

Cahir Castle

Swiss Cottage - nothing to do with Switzerland. It was built as a country retreat by a rich Irish family. We were told they never actually spent the night there!

The Rock of Cashel which is a ruined abbey perched on a rock.

The view over the countryside from the top of the rock.

The view over the Glen of Aherlow, just south of Tipperary.

Bantry House - Bantry

Bantry Bay

The stable block at Bantry house

The Atlantic Ocean as seen from Sheep's Head.

The memorial to the lives lost in the Air India crash in 1985. The dedication around the sundial read
"Time flies,
Suns rise and shadows fall,
Let it pass by.
Love reigns forever over all."
I'm not ashamed to say I cried.

Views over the Celtic Sea at Clonakilty on the south coast.

St. Finbarr's Cathedral, Cork.

Only 2 doors this holiday!

One of the many bridges in Cork. It's built on 14 islands - Cork, not the bridge!

Cork's skyline

This church is nicknamed the streaky bacon church because of its colouring!

The old gaol - yes, that's how it was spelt in the old days.

This church was meant to have a much grander spire than this but, in the middle of the church being built, the potato famine happened and so a lot of the money for the spire was spent trying to feed the hungry. The minister then asked the people of Cork to help build the spire and this was as high as they could afford to go. I think it looks all the better because of that story!

A memorial to Irish Patriots.

Kilkenny Castle

I wouldn't like to cut this back lawn!

I was amazed at how this photo looked - look at that reflection!

Jerpoint Abbey - a ruin

Sunset over the River Blackwater in Fermoy

These next few are taken at Bunratty Heritage centre where there are old buildings from all over Ireland and a few farm animals.

I was quite glad this Irish Wolfhound didn't stand up. I'd lay bets he'd have been as tall as I am!

These deer didn't bat an eye at all of us humans oohing and ahhing over them.

Some photos of the garden.

This was a stone cottage brought in from County Clare. (Any Nora Roberts readers will know that's where the Born In trilogy was set - so Maggie probably lived in a cottage like this!)

These piggies made me giggle. They just slept on no matter what was going on around them!

This character was a noisy so-and-so!

These next ones were taken at a reconstruction of a bronze age settlement.

The man in this is not a bronze age man! He's old but not that old! tee hee

This is a wild boar and, when we approached, it came right up to the fence and stood perfectly still. It was as if it knew we wanted to take photos of it!

This is Cobh - pronounced Cove. Formerly known as Queenstown. It's where the Titanic docked just before it set sail over the Atlantic. And where the Lucitania survivors were brought after that ship had been torpedoed in World War 1.

This is a group of statues meant to illustrate the people leaving Ireland because of the famine. The exhibition was another tear jerker.

The church in Cobh.

All over Ireland the houses were painted in bright colours.

Another family setting out over the Atlantic hoping for a better life.

More views of Cobh harbour.

This was our final view of Ireland as we flew over it to come home. It's not too clear but, if you peer closely, you can see the patchwork of fields.


  1. So cool! I love the pictures!

  2. I am following your blog now Anne. I love your Ireland pics, I dream of going there someday. That is where my family is from, so beautiful.


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