Friday, 9 August 2013

Debbie's blouse

I made a blouse for Debbie's birthday and I couldn't show it here before the day because it would have spoiled the surprise. Here it is:

This one shows the colours a lot better and the cute wee buttons!

The pattern is this one.

I've made it several times for Joanna and once for myself so I can (almost) make it with my eyes closed. It's been a well-used pattern!

Debbie had her new blouse on today and it fits her beautifully although it could do with being a wee bit longer. Apparently, she had to wear a tee shirt under it to stop herself bearing her midriff. See, that's what happens when you're tall. Not that I would know. I've been the shortest in this family since Joanna was about 12. *sigh* :oD

This afternoon I cut out a new top for myself. I messed around with the sleeves piece in the hope that they'll fit on the first attempt. If they don't, I'll just make the top sleeveless! :o)


  1. Lucky Debbie, it's a very pretty blouse.

  2. A lovely blouse. I'm small too - I don't know how I produced a son who grew to be a six-footer!!

    1. Both my girls are over 5'6" tall - I'm bearly over 5'4". 5'4½" if I hold myself really tall like my childhood ballet teacher used to tell me! :oD

  3. Pretty blouse. I have a photo that proves you are taller than me*.

    J xx

    *When you're wearing my 6 inch heels!

    1. Ah yes, but I couldn't walk in those! LOL


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