Tuesday, 7 September 2010

google has done it again!

I've talked before about the fabulous logos on google - see here, here and here.

Well, today's is, in my humble opinion, the best yet. Unfortunately, any attempt at getting a screenshot isn't working very well.

You'll just have to go and see what I'm talking about. Move your mouse over the logo and see what happens! It's so much fun.

And this is where I hope that everyone reading this blog today will see what I see on google.co.uk!

Joanna told me it's Google's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Google!

She also shared this site so I've been looking at tons of old logos. Fun stuff!


  1. I love the google site -- I was playing with it this morning and even planned to blog it tonight -- we'll see if THAT happend LOL! I asked my chem major son about the one they had on Sept 4th about buckyballs -- I'd never heard of them, but of course, he knew all about them!

  2. Oooh - I loved this google logo. We spent hours at the office playing with it instead of doing work!


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