Wednesday, 15 September 2010

meet Diana - and a special day

Let me introduce you to Diana. I just know she and I are going to be the best of friends! :oD

This was when she was still in her box.

Then I built her up.

Tried the paper pattern on her.

And halfway through the blouse I'm making.

So, why am I showing you Diana when the blouse isn't finished? Well, she was an anniversary present* and it's our 31st wedding anniversary today.

Happy anniversary, Douglas. Here's to the next 31 years! :o)

* Diana was meant to be a Christmas present to me. Jo told the story on her blog about how she (Diana) arrived and gave the game away. Really, really funny! :oD


  1. Happy Anniservary maw and paw!

    You look so sweet and fresh faced in that photo but I can't look at any of your wedding pics without thinking about the romance cover shot!!

    And my blog is up and running again so the story of Diana should be there for all to see! Damn the hackers!!

  2. Hahaha -- what a funny story. And lucky for you -- now you get two great gifts. Oooooh, and you married a man in a kilt. You KNOW how I feel about men in kilts LOL. Happy Anniversary - we have you beat by 9 months!

  3. I realize I'm a bit late, But Happy Anniversary!! How exciting. :) 31 years is almost unheard of anymore. Here's to many many more!


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