Monday, 20 October 2008

she's going away

Debbie is leaving to go to Canada on Friday. I haven't mentioned this anywhere because it breaks my heart. I know that she's a big girl and can do what she wants but she's still my baby. My first born. And, no matter how old she is, I'm still her mum and it's a mum's job to worry! And I will worry!

She is in the process of packing up all her stuff and bringing it over here to be stored in our garage, our house, our attic and in a storage unit. If nothing else, it proves how much "stuff" we accumulate over the years. And all of that came from a studio flat! How much more will we have in a 3 bedroom house? I think we need to hire a skip!

Anyway, my baby is leaving to live in Canada for a wee while. She'll be back for Christmas so it's not that long to be without her. Take care, Debs!

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