Tuesday, 28 October 2008

a new boiler

Yesterday and today we had the plumber here to put in a new boiler. It's one of those condensing things so we don't need a hot water tank any more. Just turn on the hot tap, wait a wee minute and - hey presto - hot water.

It's going to be wonderful! Especially up in the bathroom where I used to put the hot tap on, sit on the loo and then, by the time I'd finished, the hot water was coming through.

Of course, he took the old boiler out yesterday but didn't hook the new one up until this morning. And, naturally, yesterday and today were the 2 coldest days we've had yet this autumn/winter! So, we were really cold last night but tonight, we are really toasty! In fact, we've had to turn the thermostat down it's so warm!

Now the worst bit is the dust that's over everything because he had to drill holes through the stone walls to get various pipes and chimneys outside. Fun! But at least it's warm fun! :oD

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