Friday, 24 October 2008

it's been a long day

We got up at 4.15am today so that Douglas could take Debbie to the airport for her 6.30am flight. I'm very happy to say she has arrived safely in Halifax, Canada and is probably at the B&B now. A bit of a sad/happy day. Sad for those of us left behind but happy for Debbie heading on her Canadian adventure!

It's now 8.45pm and I feel like I've been awake for days! I don't think I'll be staying up as late as I normally do! Like I said, a long day!


  1. hey look at your feedjit - cool!!
    I'm so sleepy - off to bed at half 7! teehee!

  2. Gracious - you still speak like a pip even though you're on the 'dark side'.


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