Saturday, 4 October 2008

backache is a pain!

I have had a sore back for what seems like weeks now. I finally decided I needed to see the doctor about it as it wasn't getting any better so I made an appointment for Thursday of this week.

Thursday morning came only to get a phone call from the doctor's surgery telling me the doctor was ill and they needed to cancel my appointment. Eh? Doctors aren't meant to get sick! Poor man - get better soon, Dr. B. :o)

So now I have to wait until next Wednesday until he tells me it's just my age/I need to lose weight/do more exercise/all of the above. In the meantime I'll just keep taking the painkillers. If I could jump up and down, I'm sure I'd rattle from all the painkillers inside me!

And whilst I'm here, remember it's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Check your boobs!

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  1. Ah yes - check your boobs. If I could find mine then I'd certainly do that! ;)

    And if we're having a rattling competition then I'd surely win! Plus I can do the whole 'juice' thing too!

    Get well soon, müt müt!


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