Monday, 17 September 2012

tutorial - my plain pinny pattern

I've been asked if I had a pattern for a plain pinny - apron - and I do. I've finally managed to get it down on here! I hope it makes sense! :o)

Materials: use cotton fabric.
1 m/1 yd of 140cm/54" wide curtain fabric makes 2 pinnies.

Cut your fabric up the centre so you have 2 pieces of 1 metre/1 yard long by half the width of your fabric. Put one piece aside for now.

Cut off the selvage edge.

Cut 19cm/7½" from the length. Put this piece aside for the straps.

Fold your piece of fabric in half lengthwise and mark 15cm/6" out from the fold at the top edge. Then mark 25cm/10" down from the top side corner. Here's a rough drawing - not to scale - of what that means.

Cut away the piece as shown.

Keeping the waste pieces together, cut a 15cm/6" square from both layers for your pocket.

With right sides together, sew ¼" all the way around leaving a gap in one of the sides or the bottom edge for turning.

Turn your pocket and press. You don't need to sew the gap shut as you'll catch it in when you attach it to the pinny.

Measure down 12.5cm/5" from the top of the side edge and 12.5cm/5" in from the side.

Stitch the pocket to the pinny body keeping close to the pocket edge.

Overlock all around the pinny and sew down a ¼" hem. If you don't have an overlocker do a double ¼" hem - turn under ¼", press, turn under another ¼" and sew.

Straps: Cut your 19cm/7½" piece into 3 pieces along the length. So you'll have 3 pieces half the width of your original piece of fabric which are approx 6.3cm/2½" wide.

Cut one of them to 60cm/24" for the neck tie.

Neck tie:
Press under ¼" on both long edges. Matching the pressed edges, fold with wrong sides together and press again. Stitch close to both long edges.
Overlock short ends - or turn under ¼" - and attach the neck tie close to the sides at the top edge of the pinny.

Waist ties:
Press under ¼" on both long edges. Fold with wrong sides together and press again. Open out one short end and stitch down at an angle like this:

Trim seam - it should look something like this:

Turn and stitch down long edges, across angled end and back down other long edge. Overlock short ends - or turn under ¼" - and attach to the top of the straight sides of the pinny.

That's it. Your pinny will now look like this.

Now, if you can't be bothered messing about with the straps, you could just use some cotton tape instead. To be honest, this is what I usually do as it's much quicker. You'll need about 2m/2yds of cotton tape divided into the 60cm/24" for the neck tie and the approx 70cm/27" for the waist ties. Make sure you finish off the ends of the waist ties:

And here's the pinny I made with the second half of my piece of fabric using cotton tape for the ties. Just as pretty in my humble opinion - and made in less than half the time!

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  1. Very nice pinny... love that cupcake fabric!

  2. This is brilliant, you're so good at explaining how to do it! The fabric is gorgeous too x


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