Tuesday, 29 November 2011

tutorial - flirty frilly half pinny

How to make a flirty frilly half pinny

Materials: use cotton fabric.
For the main body - one fat quarter or 0.5m/½ yd of 110cm/45" wide or 140cm/54" wide
For the contrast frill, waistband and pocket - 0.7m/ ¾ yd of 110cm/45" wide or 140cm/54" wide

Body pattern: I did draw it to scale but after scanning it and then messing with it in Photoshop, there are no guarantees that it's still to scale!

Pocket pattern:
Use whichever shape you fancy. I made the heart shown on this pinny but you could use a plain square - or leave it off altogether!

Cutting your pieces:
Fold your fat quarter in half and put your pattern on top putting the fold mark of the pattern on top of the fold of the fabric. (I know that sounds obvious, but it might not be to someone so I've left it in.)

Waistband/ties: contrast fabric
Cut or tear 2 strips 4" wide by the width of the fabric. Cut off the selvedge edges.

Frill: contrast fabric
Cut or tear 2 strips 5" wide by the width of the fabric. Cut off the selvedge edges. Mark the halfway point on one long edge of each piece now to make adding the frill easier.

Note: I know some people frown on tearing fabric but, in my opinion, it works really well in this case. If you hate the idea of tearing your fabric, go ahead and cut it.

Pocket: contrast fabric
Cut 2 pieces in whichever shape you decided.

Making the pinny.

With right sides together, sew pocket pieces together leaving a gap in one of the sides for turning.

Turn and press. Pin gap closed - no need to sew it closed.

Pin to body piece so that one corner is 5" down from top of side edge and 2" in from side. Stitch close to the edges. This closes the gap used for turning. (Note: I topstitched the top of the heart before I sewed it to the pinny body. It's not really sewn all the way around!)

Join the 5" pieces together along one short seam. Overlock one long edge and then turn up ¼" and sew. If you don't have an overlocker, sew a double ¼" hem - turn under ¼", press, turn under another ¼" and sew.

Sew 2 rows of gathering stitches along the other long edge. I do mine at 3/8" and just less than ¼" away from raw edge.

Gather the frill and pin it to the body piece matching the seam in the frill to the fold line of the body piece and the 2 midway marks to the lower ends of the straight sides.

Stitch with a 3/8" seam. *Stitch slowly*.
Overlock or zigzag your edges together and press towards the body.

From the right side, top stitch about 1/8" away from seam to anchor the edge to the body.

Cut one of the 4" pieces in half and join each of those half pieces to the full piece. Your waistband/ties piece will now be made up like this:

Mark the centre of the top of the main body part and mark 3" on either side of the centre. Make a 1" pleat at the outer marks.

Pin the pleats so that the top of the pleat lies towards the sides.

Tack (baste) them down by hand or machine.

Press under 3/8" on both long edges of the waistband/ties piece.

Mark the centre of the waistband piece and pin to the body on matching the centres. Sew along the fold you just pressed. Press seam up towards the waistband.

Open out each end and stitch down at an angle like this:

Trim seams and turn.

Stitch close to folded edges all around waistband.

That's it. Your pinny will now look like this.

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  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you for this tutorial I have used it lot's to make pinnies ~ Sarah x

  2. You're very welcome, Sarah. I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial! :o)


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