Saturday, 5 November 2011

tutorial - flirty frilly pinny

I've at last made the tutorial for the flirty, frilly pinny - aka apron - that I was playing with a few weeks ago. There are a LOT of photos - I hope they're helpful.

Materials: use cotton fabric.
1.40m /1½ yds of 110cm/45" wide
1m/1yd of 140cm/54" wide curtain fabric

Body pattern: NOT to scale!

Pocket pattern:
I used the tumbler die from my Go cutter but you can use any shape. Try a 6" square.

Cutting plan: NOT to scale!

Body: Cut 1 body piece on fold of fabric.
Frill: Cut 1 strip 8" wide by the width of the fabric. Cut off selvedge edges.
Ties: Cut 3 strips 4" wide by the width of the fabric. Trim 2 of them to 28" and the third one to 24" - again cut off the selvedge edges. (Note, if you're making the pinny for someone who wants to put the waist ties around her/his back and then round to the front to tie them, leave those 2 strips at the full width of the fabric.)
Pocket: Cut 2 pocket pieces from waste.

With right sides together, sew pocket pieces together leaving a gap in one of the sides for turning.

Turn and press. Pin gap closed - no need to sew it closed.

Pin to body piece so that one corner is 2" down from top of side edge and 2½" in from side.

Stitch close to side and bottom edges. This closes the gap used for turning.

Overlock hem edge and then turn up ¼" and sew.

If you don't have an overlocker do a double ¼" hem - turn under ¼", press, turn under another ¼" and sew.

To make the sewing of the frill easier, mark ¼, ½ and ¾ widths of the frill. To do that, fold in half and mark that fold.

Then fold again and mark those 2 folds.

Do the same with the lower edge of the body. Your fold that you cut your body piece out on is your centre point.

Fold that over to meet the side edge and mark the 2 folds in the middle.

Sew 2 rows of gathering stitches at top edge of frill. I do mine at 3/8" and just less than ¼" away from raw edge.

Pin the frill to the lower edge of the body pulling your gathers to fit making sure your centre marks come together and your ¼ and ¾ marks come together.

Stitch with a ¼" seam. *Stitch slowly*. I usually leave the pins in so that nothing moves - another reason to sew slowly. Your machine should be able to sew over the pins without damaging them or the needle but, if you're not happy doing that, take them out as you sew.
Overlock or zigzag your edges together and press towards the body.
From the right side, top stitch about 1/8" away from seam to anchor the edge to the body.

Overlock side and top edges.
Turn under ¼" on sides and stitch down.
Turn under ¾" on top edge and stitch down.

Again, if you don't have an overlocker, do the double ¼" hem on the sides and a ¼" then ¾" hem on the top edge.

Press under ¼" on both long edges.

Matching the pressed edges, fold with wrong sides together and press again.

Stitch close to both long edges.

Overlock short ends - or turn under ¼" - and attach close to the sides at the top edge of the pinny.

Sew it on using a "box" - along the bottom edge, up to the top edge, along the top edge, down the other side to get back to where you started.

Press under ¼" on both long edges. Fold with wrong sides together and press again.
Open out one short end and stitch down at an angle like this:

Trim seam and turn.

Stitch down long edges, across angled end and back down other long edge.

Overlock short ends - or turn under ¼" - and attach to the top of the straight sides of the pinny again sewing it on with a "box" like on the neck tie.

That's it. Your pinny will now look like this.

If something doesn't make sense, leave me a comment and I'll try to help. If you make your own flirty, frilly pinny, I'd love to see it. :o)

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  1. Very pretty. Might give it a go myself! :D

  2. Just love it! So cheerful and cute!


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