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tutorial - single oven gloves

How to make single oven gloves.

Please note - I'm repeating some of the steps from the double oven gloves tutorial because I think it's important that the whole tutorial is in one place. I don't want to say things like "go here to see how to test your bump" or "go here for how to make up the pattern". If you've already made the double gloves, you'll be able to miss out these steps.

What you need:
¼ yard/20cm of 54"/137cm wide curtain fabric (wash before using)
¼ yard/20cm bump* or curtain interlining
6"/15cm ribbon

*There are a few things you can use to keep the heat from burning your fingers. I've tried a lot of options and have found that the polyester bump that my local curtain fabric shop sells is by far the best for oven gloves. There are insulated wadding/batting fabrics available but not in my town - another reason for me to use the bump - but, if you can get your hands on some, by all means use it. You can use also towelling but it takes a long time to dry and is quite bulky in the seams.

I devised a test to check my bump for heat resistance: if I can hold the oven glove (with my hand in it) on the sole plate of my iron for 10 seconds without the heat getting unbearable, then I reckon I'll be able to get the tray of biscuits or cakes out of the oven and on to a cake rack before I burn myself. Please note, if you try this yourself, BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!

How to draw the pattern:
1. Draw an 8" vertical line, XY, down the middle of your paper.
2. Mark the centre of that line and call it Z.
3. Draw a 7" horizontal line, VW, centred on Z ie 3½" each side of Z.
4. Draw 4" vertical lines down from both V and W to S and T respectively.
5. Join S to T.
6. Draw a 2" horizontal line, QR, centred on X.
7. Draw a curve freehand from V to Q. Don't draw the other curve - see next step.
8. Fold your paper along your XY line and cut out the shape. Because you're cutting the curve on the fold, both sides will turn out the same.

The first drawing was drawn to scale but I don't know if it is now after being scanned and re-scaled in Photoshop!

This is piece B. To make piece C, add 5/8" on to the length at the SYT line so that you now have 2 pieces like this: (This drawing is definitely not to scale! :oD)

Cut 1 x B on fold of fabric
Cut 2 x C of fabric
Cut 2 x B on fold of bump

Making them up:
Mark the foldline of the bump pieces with a marker pen or by pressing with your iron. Pin bump to the wrong side of one of the B piece matching the curved ends. Stitch down your marked foldline.

Fold back on itself along the foldline.

Fold the ribbon in half and pin the raw edges to one of the straight edges of one of the C pieces. Sew ribbon to C using a ½" seam. If you're attaching a label to your oven gloves, do it now.

With right sides together, pin one piece of C to each side of the B piece enclosing the bump in the sandwich. Stitch using a 5/8" making sure to catch in all your layers. Stitch *slowly* around the curves. If you have a walking foot, use it. It does make sewing all the layers much easier. NOTE - do NOT stitch the straight seam of C together.

It will now look like this - your C pieces are on the outside with the B/bump sandwiched between.

Trim the stitched seam to about ¼" and clip curves.

Turn through the gap bringing both C pieces together to enclose the raw edges.

Pin and sew the straight edges of C together. You can do this by hand or machine.

That's it! Easy peasy! :o)

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