Wednesday, 7 June 2017

jam, tops and thank heaven!

I decided that it was about time - way past time - to make jam with the berries I bought and froze last summer. I made a batch of raspberry jam:

And a batch of strawberry jam. They are both soooooooo good.

Last week I made myself another top using this pattern: New Look 6344.

I made view C but lengthened it by 2" and changed the sleeves to a split sleeve.

Here's a close up of the sleeve - very comfy!

I made another embroidery for Miss Emily. The embroidery is from here. (They don't know who I am - just passing on the info in case anyone is interested.)

It's stapled on to one of those canvas frames that you can buy to paint on - or make a clock with like I did here. (Good grief, that's nearly 4 years ago!) I have quite a few more of those canvas frames so no doubt I'll be making a few more embroideries to attach to them.

This week I've made another top using the same New Look pattern as above with the adapted sleeves. Isn't this fabric just so much fun?

And here are the sleeves.

And finally, a photo of Emily lying on the starry quilt I made for her watching her new embroidered toys hanging above her. She has a hold of the orange octopus in one hand and later had a hold of the pink fish in the other hand (at the same time).

Fun times! :o)


  1. Yum, I quite fancy jam on toast after seeing all those lovely jars of the stuff. The tops are lovely, I like both fabrics and the sleeves look really comfy, I can't be doing with tight sleeves on tops. Emily is so gorgeous, Thank Heaven for Little Girls indeed!

    1. Thanks, Jo. The jam is really good. Toast and raspberry jam has been my breakfast tipple since I made it!

  2. Your Jam is a lovely colour. Isn't Emily getting tobe a bonny girl?

    1. She is - but then, I might be slightly biased! LOL

  3. Lovely blouses & that jam looks scrumptious, although I only eat jam occasionally. Emily is so beguiling & growing ever so quickly. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Susan. It's hard to believe that Emily is over 3 months old! It's scary how time flies by so quickly!


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