Thursday, 25 May 2017

hanging things

Since Emily loves her mobile that Joanna made her so much - see here for that post - Debbie decided she wanted to make her something similar that she could look at during the day - not just at changing time. She asked me what we could use as hanging things and I said to leave it with me.

This is what I came up with. They're all made on my embroidery machine as what's called "in the hoop" designs - in other words, the whole thing is made in the hoop of the embroidery machine with only a little finishing off by hand (or, in my case, by sewing machine).

I started off with a piggy. I seem to have not taken a photo of the piggy so I've used a photo from Joanna's camera - Tilly shows the scale of this one!

Then I made a horse: (as always, my fingers are there to show the scale)

And a hen:

Then I deviated from the farm theme and made a fish:

A starfish:

A seahorse:

A turtle:

And an octopus:

Then Joanna pointed out that if there was a farm theme - think Old MacDonald - there had to be a cow and a sheep. So ... a cow:

And a sheep:

They're all now waiting for Emily's next visit to Grammie and Papa's house on Saturday. Can't wait! I'm sure she'll love looking at them - although *nothing* could ever beat the mobile that Joanna made.

All the designs I used above came from - they have no idea who I am, I receive nothing from them for linking to their site. I just put it out there for anyone reading this who's interested.


  1. They're fabulous, and all in such lovely colours too, sure to get Emily's senses going.

    1. Thanks, Jo. Yes, I'm hoping the bright colours stir her imagination! :o)

  2. You need to make more of these and put them in The Tartan Bee ..... and of course my favourite is the sheepie!!

    1. Thanks, Anne. I'm not sure I'd want to sell them - it might take the enjoyment out of making them if I did. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! LOL)

  3. Awwww - do gosh darned cute! And the cow and the sheep are necessary for Old MacDonald's farm! Can't wait to see baby Emmy playing with them!

    1. They're not as good as the ones you made but I'm sure Emily will love looking at them. :o)

    2. Shucks! And yes, she'll definitely enjoy these too as they're adorable!

      Just realised my first comment should say 'so' not 'do'! Doh!

    3. Hahaha! I didn't even notice! :oD

  4. These are just adorable. cuter than cute!


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