Wednesday, 13 February 2013

it snowed!!

Whilst the rest of Britain has had way more than its fair share of snow, we have had next to nothing. We've had the odd shower of snow but then it turns to rain and the snow disappears. Even last Tuesday when it was really snowy and icy at 9am, it turned rainy by lunchtime and we had nothing to show for it.

Today was different. It snowed all morning.

Molly came to visit me in the sewing room and, being from Canada, wasn't too impressed with our piffling little amount! :oD

I have no photos of the snow as it is now because it's dark but it started raining about 4pm and the road was fast turning to slush so I expect it'll all be gone by morning. I'm not complaining about that. Thursdays are my busiest days for being out in the car and I really don't want to drive in that stuff! All I'm really hoping for is that it doesn't turn icy because icy slush is not fun!

Here's the result of my day in the sewing room. 9 shopping bags just waiting to have their linings attached.

I haven't quite made up my mind if I'll list all of these in the tartan bee shop or maybe keep a couple for myself. I'll see how I feel about them when they're done.


  1. Even just a dusting of snow always looks pretty. I think you are lucky not to have enough to worry about shoveling Your new bags look cute. My daughter would love that owl fabric.

  2. Canadian's sneeze at any type of snow that's not piled taller then your home!

    I see that pretty green and purple colored bag there.

  3. The snow fell quite heavy here, and I had to drive in it, which I hate. Thank goodness it's all gone today.

  4. At last!! We had another heavy fall yesterday, but it turned to rain overnight and today there's hardly any snow left, the sky is blue and the sun is shining - yippee! Love the pic of Molly looking out the windwo! And your bags look FAB :-)
    Have a happy day,

  5. Yipee for Snow!!! Sorry it didn't last very long. ;-( Looks like you've been having great fun bag-making. Btw, I LOVE your apron with all of the city names on it!

  6. I remember when I lived in Scotland, that it was a treat if snowed, we rarely, if ever got any... then I moved to Canada! Want snow... I'll send you some.... but the package might be a little soggy by the time it reaches you, LOL! Cheers~

  7. I love all your bags - I would make some for myself, but I have lots of fabulous bags that we buy in the supermarket when we are in Majorca (50 cents each) - they are so good I even bring them back as presents for my friends!!


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