Wednesday, 6 February 2013

happy birthday, Douglas!

Today is Douglas's birthday. For the next 3 months I get to say silly things like "old man" and "wow, you're old" then, in May, I have to stop saying those things because I'll be the same age as he is today. But, for the next 3 months, I'll enjoy teasing him about him being old. :oD

His mum gave him a Da Vinci catapult and he started playing with working on it this morning at snack time.

He had it almost built up by lunchtime.

I don't have any photos of him firing it out of the back door - or of Molly stealing and eating his ammunition - but I know he enjoyed himself with it. Boys and their toys!

This afternoon Debbie and I made a chocolate cake for his birthday. We used the Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake recipe (without the nuts on the top) but halved the quantities. We got 2 8" cakes out of it and this was the first one which we (stupidly) attempted to get out of the tin before we put the icing on. You need to put the icing on the cake whilst it's still hot so, naturally, the cake didn't want to come out of the tin in one piece ...

... but we managed to stick it all back together with the aid of the icing. It might look ugly but it tastes delicious!

Happy birthday, Douglas ... aka old man! :oD


  1. Happy birthday to the "auld yin" ;-) and that cake looks decidedly yummy! My hubby loves to build things like that too - keeps him out of mischief!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Douglas. It doesn't matter what the cake looks like just so long as it tastes good, though I have to say, it looks yummy.

  3. Happy Birthday to Douglas! I only get to do the old man routine for a month, but it's fun while it lasts!

  4. I am sure that cake tastes amazing and that is the important part. I have one or two recipe snafus myself so I can surely relate. I have never seen a Texas sheet cake taken out of the sheet pan. Usually here in the states most people just transport it right in the baking pan and just slice and serve out of that. I hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday.

  5. Thank you for popping over and saying hello! I'm certainly going to take your advice on the steamed pudding - it's exactly what we need in this weather. Your blog looks lovely - really varied - so I've popped on the kettle and I'm off to have a nosey around your 'blethers' x

  6. My dad does that to my mom for 9 months! I think a month is long enough! By his birthday, she is about to clobber him or cry...or BOTH. I think he takes it too seriously. I came over from Karens' Sew Many Ways. Instead of DELETING a blog, i have ADDED one! :-D


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