Monday, 18 July 2011

new baby quilt - the start

I started cutting out the bits for a baby quilt for our niece Vicky's baby. The baby isn't due until November so plenty time to get the quilt made.

Here are a few photos of the start of the quilt. It's going to be a sudoku quilt like the one I made for her sister Fiona but, instead of using 9 fabrics for the squares, I'm using a different fabric for each square - ie 81 fabrics. I'm also making the squares 4" square rather than 3" square.

In this photo, I've cut 11 squares with the other 71 fabrics sitting waiting to be cut.

Here are all 81 squares cut with the trimmings lying in a tidy pile.

Here I laid them out into 9 rows of 9 to make sure I hadn't miscounted.

And here they are all in their piles of 9 ready to sew.

BTW - I did miscount - I had cut 82 instead of 81. :oD


  1. Great pictures - I bet it'll be wonderful when it's done!

    J x

  2. I have always wanted to make a quilt. Maybe I will someday!


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