Wednesday, 20 July 2011

baby quilt - top done!

I was really pleased with myself this morning as I managed to get the top of the new baby quilt finished.

I changed my mind on the design of it and, instead of doing it like a Sudoku quilt, I decided to join all the 81 squares together in one piece. I like it a lot! There's so much to look at - I think the new baby will be fascinated with it.

Then, because I didn't need so much sashing, I could use one of the bright colours I had in my stash. I didn't think I had enough in the length of the pieces to make the corners as well so I just cut out another 4 pieces of fabric and put them in the corners instead. I *LOVE* it!

Next is putting it on to a fleece blanket for the backing and then adding a binding. I've got both of those things in my sewing room so no need to go and buy anything! Yay!! :o)

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