Saturday, 23 July 2011

Farm shop, South Queensferry and berries

Today we went to a Farm Shop to buy berries for jam. (More of those later.) I took just a few photos whilst we were at the shop.

A few chickens:

Joanna made a new friend ...

... who was determined to be her friend forever ...

... and looked forlorn when she walked away. :o(

Then we headed off to South Queensferry to see the Forth Bridge:

The Forth Road Bridge:

A long train (not all in the photo) heading up the east coast line - if we were at home, we would have seen the same train passing about 20 minutes after this photo was taken. But we weren't at home, so we didn't see it then. :oD

Some yachts enjoying the light breeze.

And here are the berries we got in the farm shop:

And here are the rasps after cleaning - all bagged and ready to be frozen.

And this was all the waste from the rasps - not very much at all!!

Now, why don't I have any photos of the strawberries all cleaned and bagged ready for the freezer? Probably because I was annoyed by the time I'd finished them and totally forgot to take photos.

Why was I annoyed? Well, I bought 5.2 kg of strawberries and, by the time I'd cleaned them, there was nearly 1 kg of waste. I realise I bought jam berries as opposed to eating berries but nearly 1 kg of waste is just a bit much, in my humble opinion.

Lesson learned - don't buy jam berries. Just buy eating berries, pay the extra and, surely, you won't have to spend over an hour and a half cleaning them.

Mind you, I had the telly on to watch the last real day's racing on the Tour de France and that helped to pass the time. Great race this year - the best I've ever seen in the 7 years I've been watching the Tour. Well done, Cadel Evans! :o)


  1. Great pics. Isn't it strange how cats love me?! And why does my hair get bigger with each passing minute?

    And even *I* watched the tour. Admit to having a wee sniffle when Cadel started welling up!

    Then I watched Cars! ;)

    J x

  2. Hello, Anne! I was reading through your blog and this post's photos of the market berries and the coast line caught my eye. So beautiful.

    I hope you are doing well! :)




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