Monday, 15 November 2010

finished - MIL's blankie

I've finally finished the lap blankie I've been making for my MIL's Christmas.

It's done in double knitting acrylic and will be very cosy draped over knees. I know this because it's been keeping me rare and cosy whilst I've been making it.

My next crochet project is going to be something made with granny squares. Probably baby blankies for Joanna to take to her work. (She works for a charity for single parents and some of them need everything for their babies.)

As for the waistcoat that was giving me jip last week - I've changed the pattern to one I already had and had made many years ago. I've made a few adjustments and, so far, it looks like it will work fine. I've got the pieces cut out and ready to sew. Hopefully I'll get that done this week. :o)


  1. Very pretty Anne -- what a nice surprise for your MIL!

  2. Very pretty. And on behalf of the future baby owners of the new blankies - I thank you! Mwa!


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