Wednesday, 10 November 2010

finished - 12 days wallhanging

It's taken me longer than I'd hoped but I've finally finished Joanna's 12 Days of Christmas wallhanging. I'm fairly sure she bought the panel sometime last year so I'm a year late in getting it made but better late than never!

Here's how it looks in full -

It's not really clear that I added embellishments to each day so I hope you can see them more clearly in these 2 photos.

Here are days 1 to 6 -

And days 7 to 12 -

Mmmm, still not too clear. Okay, let's see -

Day 1 - 3 green sequins on the partridge in the pear tree
Day 2 - a wee heart hanging below the cage with the 2 turtle doves
Day 3 - a star on the feather in the hat of the French hen
Day 4 - red shiny pipecleaner on the roof of the clock showing a 4 o'clock calling bird
Day 5 - 5 gold rings
Day 6 - a wee gold christmas tree sequin for the flame of the candle of the goose-a-laying candlestick
Day 7 - a bow around the neck of the swan-a-swimming
Day 8 - 2 buttons on the gingerbread maid-a-milking
Day 9 - 4 wee bells on the garland held by the lady dancing
Day 10 - a bell on the Santa hat of the lord-a-leaping
Day 11 - some snowflakes on the snowman with the pipe (pipers piping!)
Day 12 - a few gold sequins on the drum of the drummer drumming

What's next? I'm fighting with a pattern of a waistcoat which I bought last week. I'll tell that story if when I win the fight!


  1. Oooh, very nice Anne! And you must tell us the waistcoat story -- win or lose LOL!

  2. That's been sitting in my living room since last weekend and I'm dying to put it up!!
    It's lovely - thanks, mama!


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