Friday, 19 November 2010

finished - bling waistcoat

I finished the waistcoat that has been giving me fits since I started it. Since before I started it, if the truth be known!

The first problem started when I bought a new waistcoat pattern. The ones I had were a couple of sizes too small. Well, they are more than 10 years old so no real surprise there!

As the material I was going to use was a bit expensive, I decided to make the pattern up with some calico to make sure it would fit. It's a good job I did because it didn't fit. It was too small. By a mile!

Now, according to the pattern envelope, I had made the correct size for me so what the heck was going on? I dug out my old patterns for the waistcoats I wore all the time in the 90s and, would you believe it, the finished size of the size I used to make was 1" bigger than the finished size of the new pattern. 2 sizes bigger was actually smaller than the old size! What??

I checked the other 2 old faithful patterns and, sure enough, both of those were also more generous in their measurements than the new pattern. I was soooooo annoyed. I had paid good money for a pattern which I didn't need because my old ones would do me fine.

After I got over that annoyance, I cut out one of my old faves in calico because, again, I wanted to make sure it would fit before I cut out the material I was going to use. It fitted me fine. So maybe I'm 2 sizes smaller than I think I am? Mmmmmm.

I then cut out my material and the lining and pinned it together. I wondered if I'd have problems with the material as it had a stretch to it. Because of that, I decided to use my walking foot to sew it all together.

Didn't work. The fabric still moved as I sewed. So, I did something I have never, in all my years of sewing, done before. I tacked (basted) the whole thing.

Back to the sewing machine and aaaargh! Even with it all tacked together, the fabric still wanted to move. I had to unpick things several times but I finally got it sewn together.

So that's the l-o-n-g story of the waistcoat. Now here are the photos.

Thankfully, it fits me fine. Phew!

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  1. Oooh Anne -- it's beautiful! It was worth all the work. I've heard that patterns are very differently sized than they used to be -- guess you found out!


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