Thursday, 5 March 2009

Barry Manilow rules!

According to the radio this morning, a lot of shopping malls play Barry Manilow music because it seems to keep the shoppers calm. Don't ask me how they know that. Even being fairly fond of the man, it seems a wee bit weird to me. But that's what they said so, of course, we must believe it.

In another similar story, they said that a city centre in New Zealand plays Kiri Te Kanawa music over loudspeakers at night and it keeps the vandals away. Now that - sorry, Kiri - made me giggle. Maybe more city centres need to adopt that strategy!

Or maybe play Barry to calm them down? tee hee

Anyway, had to go to youtube and find a Barry clip to share. Enjoy! :o)

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  1. Very good! I like Barry too but I'm not his number one fanilow!


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