Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I just got a call back from the doctor's office to say he wants me to get another blood test done - I got one done last Friday - and he'll give me the results of both next Friday (13th) when I go to see him again.

I know they don't do things like this to freak us out but OMG!! Why? What was wrong with the 3 tubies of blood you took from me last week? And, I had such a bad day after you took them from me - do I have to go through that again? *sigh*

12.40am tomorrow for more blood to be taken. Breathe, Anne, just breathe!


  1. yucky, i hate going to the vampire docs. I hope you feel better soon. hugs

  2. Don't worry - I know everything will go well! Probably because you've been and I've already phoned you and you told me that everything went well!


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