Thursday, 12 March 2009

another haircut

I got my hair cut yesterday. I didn't take a photo of it this time - deliberately. I asked her to not leave me with hair in my eyes, to take the weight off the sides and back and to generally thin it out so it would behave itself.

Did she do all of that? Did she heck. Did she do any of that? Nope! Worse than that, she straightened my hair. Yep - for the first time in my whole life, I had dead straight hair and, let me tell you, if I have my way, it will never be done again. It was truly awful to have my hair as straight as a poker when it usually has curly bits here and there. This was yet another reason that I didn't take a photo of it.

So I came home from the hairdresser to stand in front of the bedroom mirror armed with my sharpest scissors and promptly dealt with the fringe in the eyes. I then used my thinning scissors - which I had bought once when a previous hairdresser wouldn't thin my hair - and sorted the bits at the side. I didn't risk doing the back - and, anyway, I can't see it so it'll just have to stay the way it is.

It does look MUCH better now that I've sorted it and washed all the gloop out. Why anyone would want to have their hair as hard as a brick and sticky as glue I will never know but mine is no longer like that. Thankfully.

The one good thing that happened at the hairdresser - she's leaving. I have been booked in with someone else for the next time. Let's just hope SHE listens to what *I* want!


  1. Your new girl has nice hair and hopefully she'll do what you say. I know the rest of us do! :D


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